Saturday, 6 September 2014

IT Training in India

The standards and quality of IT education in India have drastically improved. Today, India stands as one of the chosen training centers for IT education to the rest of the world. With the global economy growing at a fastest pace, despite a few jitters, Indian IT education sector has also observed a drastic change. There have been quite a number of major achievements taking place since the beginning of the new millennium. The IT institutes and training centers here, have evolved radically and transformed the overall trend of the IT education in the country.

The prime reasons why India is recognized as the most preferred IT training destination across the globe are:
Committed to making the students competent, productive and market-ready, most of the Indian IT training centers focus on the application and practical aspect of the training. For which, the instructors follow one-one-one highly interactive teaching pattern and hands-on lab sessions. Second is the availability of all the major IT vendor's courses such as Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, etc. which equip and enrich students and professionals with necessary knowledge and skills to earn various global certifications such as CCNA, Cisco, RHCE, Cloud Computing, Big Data hadoop, Open Stack, Python etc.

Along with one-on-one hands-on individual classroom training, most of the reputed Indian IT training centers also provide facility for corporate training as well as live instructor-led virtual training to the students, professionals and corporate, coming from across the globe.

Leveraging a team of experienced multi-certified trainers, Indian IT institutes deliver customized training solutions, best suited to individual learning needs, for students, professionals and organizations, anywhere in the world.

Considering the cost-effective fee structure and reasonable living in India, there are various training facilities which provide training & certification bootcamps ( all-inclusive package-) to offshore people. Participating in IT bootcamps not only help the trainees get hands-on training in a focused environment but also saves their training cost by more than 50 %.

For certified professionals, there are IT jobs galore. Once you earn a certified expertise there are numerous career opportunities available for you.

Unlimited career options in IT sector -
Software -Database administration, software development, software testing, web development, etc.
Hardware - System support, network support, etc.
Networking- Network administration, security administration.
Feeling the dire need of certified IT professionals in the market, the booming Indian IT industry is now hell bent on providing effective training & certification to the young enthusiasts in every possible way. And the strong knowledge base, state-of-the-art technical resources, low fee structure and affordable living make Summer Internship the best bet.

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